Thrill-Hunter: 2000AD - Prog 2009
By Jon Hemsley

Posted on: 28 Nov 2016

Borag Thungg Fellow Earthlets,

Another prog, another wave of thrill-power. JUDGE DREDD rounds off the latest short story-arc, THE CUBE ROOT OF EVIL finishes in something of an unsurprising manner (Dredd was suspicious from the start!!), though that is not to say this is a strip to miss. What is surprising however, is how Arthur Wyatt deals with the subject matter of food, cannibalism, our relationship with food e.t.c, and how Bierce is handled as an antagonist. It goes without saying that we've not seen the last of her (sorry, I try to avoid spoilers but in this case I'll make an exception), and she has potential to be an excellent PJ Maybe-esque foil for Dredd's formidable law enforcement. Wyatt and Lynch put together a snappy action scene this prog, only a quick burst, but a nice pay-off to one of the shorter arcs. The short 3 and 4-parters which have been a Dredd staple of late are great, weaving a tangle of loose threads, which I am hoping will build towards a longer epic as we head towards year end and 2017.

FLESH goes for the quick draw this week, as GOREHEAD picks up with a cornered Pastor Sunday, stuck between The Beauty, The Beast and The Bastard. One quick draw follows another in this strip and Langley is clearly very at ease with the gore and violence and gives us a visceral dust-strewn, blood spattered few scenes here. Shifting from the sheer darkness of the previous weeks in this strip, the tone and textures seem to have shifted towards a murky sand-storm effect. It will certainly be interesting to see how Mills and Langley choose to round Flesh off in the coming weeks with the smokescreen ending to this prog.


HUNTED comes to a shattering conclusion this week, after a thrill-packed few weeks we finally get a showdown between Rogue and the Traitor General. Though this is a prequel narrative structure, and any seasoned squax dek Thargo would have an idea as to the conclusion, its more in the delivery. Rennie and Holden have kept us consistently on edge with the repeated shift in perspective, the dust rarely settled before the combatants were at each other again. This strip has been a consistent stand-out favourite and has really set the bar high when it comes to Rogue Trooper prequels and look forward to seeing a bit more of Rogue and the Traitor General into 2017.

This week Counterfeit Girl takes a break to build up to an epic climax. This week we get the first FUTURE SHOCK for quite some time with RETURN OF THE REVOLUTIONARIES. Riffing heavily on the Empire/Rebellion dichotomy of classic sci-fi and space opera, taking visual cues from Star Wars, this is a playful vignette poking around in the recesses of anti-state freedom fighter socialist dogma and the point to which one upholds ones principles. Hopefully the Future Shocks make a more regular feature as these make great asides to the bigger hitters like Dredd, coupled with other bridging strips like Tharg's 3hrillers, as punchy one-offs.


SAVAGE: THE MARZE MURDERER gets a little bit 'Michael Bay' this week, continuing the breakneck speed of the last few weeks. Since the pace has picked up and thrown caution to the wind slightly the strip has had more appeal and accessibility. Bringing Volodina into greater focus provides a touch of realist perspective and as such means we are constantly reminded of Savage's duplicitous, murderous anti-hero position. In as much as he is a literal split character, Savage/Wilder's persona is also split, possessing the heroic traits that propel the strip along, his darker side rears his head at regular intervals. Savage continues next week promising to keep up the white-knuckle pace it has now broken in to.

As we move towards the years end, with the bumper winter special on the horizon and another Megazine landing mid December, there should be thrills aplenty to keep us all happy.

Till next time, Splundig vur Thrigg.  




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