Jim Starlin returning to Marvel for 100 page Thanos project
By Alexander Jones

Posted on: 05 Nov 2013

starlin banner

Veteran comic book writer Jim Starlin is coming back to comics. For many readers this is a breath of fresh air, since the creator of the beloved character Thanos has not gotten to work on his creation used in the movies. Marvel Studios has already decided what they were going to do with the character without consulting him. Since then, Marvel has launched the giant event mini-series known as Infinity with Thanos in a starring role. It was troublesome to learn that the popular character was coming back without his proper creator on the silver screen, or that Jonathan Hickman and company did not even credit him as a consultant.

The creator announced on his Facebook last night that he has a thanos project in the work, written and drawn by him. Just finished the last page of a 100 page story I've written and penciled for Marvel Comics. But at this time I can't say what exactly the project is. Details will be released when I can release them. Look for it next summer!

He teased the following picture to prove to readers that he was in fact working on Thanos.

thanos blurred

Marvel is on a definitive upswing as of late with their new publishing imprint of All-New Marvel Now, and consulting people like Starlin is a good step in the right direction. Now, only if Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning could get some credit for bringing the new Guardians Of The Galaxy together.

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