8 Things I Hated About The Clone Saga
By David Jenkins

Posted on: 09 Mar 2017


As a follow up to last week's post I’ve been looking at things I hated about the 90s Clone Saga and it was harder than I thought. Harder in fact than finding 10 things I liked, perhaps time has been kind to the Clone Saga. But still I managed to find 8 annoying and awful parts.

1-    Judas Traveller - The character design of him and his followers is awful to begin with from their suits to hairstyles. He is seemingly omnipotent and interested in morality like the Beyonder for over a year then in Amazing Spider-Man 417 his powers are explained to being mere illusions and he is never seen again. He wasn’t a great character to begin with but this lack of consistent made him even worse.

2-     Too many comics - The Clone Saga lasted for over two years with several pointless discoveries and thin plots which is bad enough. But in the 90s comic boom there was at least five Spider-Man titles so it was impossible to follow these stories if you missed one issue which you were more likely to do due to sheer volume.

3-    Blood brothers storyline - This was originally planned to be the end of the Clone Saga but with the Onslaught storyline nearby, marketing decided to delay the end for a while. So it confused matters more with Seward Trainer being shown as working for a mysterious bad guy but we wouldn’t find out more for months.

4-    Gaunt - I didn't like his character design he looked weak Darth Vaderesque rip off, he was key in Blood Brothers storyline and always seemed like a side villain being forced into a bigger part.

5-    Rushed storylines - Peter Parker left New York for good, then comes back a few issues alter. He loses his spider-sense it returns shortly after. For big changes like this it should have lasted longer to make the impact felt more.

6-    Story so far - The constant mention in the story so far that Ben is the original Spider-Man after returning to see a sick Aunt May made it feel like the writers were trying to force us to believe Ben was not the clone and the decision wouldn’t be overturned. Which we knew it would so this just irritated.

7-    Too many clones - Maximum Cloneage for starters had far too many clones, Spider-Cide another awful costume and pointless villain, the return of Gwen’s clone for a few issues then she disappears to never be mentioned again. Two clones- Ben and Kaine should have been enough.

8-    Lady Octopus - Another character design I didn't like (maybe a theme is developing) perhaps because of the short hair. I feel the original Dr Octopus should have mentioned her before so she didn’t seem like a cheap rip off. Discovering her dad was Seward Trainer (who was Ben’s friend at the time) was cliché as well.

I've probably missed out a few things here but I still feel on the whole the Clone Saga was more positive than negative.


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