Wolf Gift Graphic Novel Review
By David Jenkins

Posted on: 01 Feb 2017


Ashley Witter has experience adapting Anne Rice as she created The Interview With The Vampire graphic novel focusing on Claudia story and it was intriguing but the art let it down.

Unfortunately the art hasn't improved being in black and white with rather simple drawings the faces don't have any depth for starters meaning some panels are confusing. The werewolf (Reuben) looks too human in face so I don't know how anybody can't recognise him. The design reminds me of the beast from Beauty and the Beast.  The story is a super hero werewolf but isn't as good as Astonishing Wolf Man because he suffers little it’s not personal. The aristocratic element is annoying as Anne Rice has done it with most of her other creations surely there are working class or gypsy monsters. To be honest most of my problems I feel are with the story which is little different from Anne Rice’s other works with its human monster trying not to lose himself in his new form.

That being said I have read parts of the novel and the adaption could have been better- parts of the dialogue are lifted straight from the novel which is good because they are beautiful wrote but the thoughts aren’t mentioned enough in the comic. I realise comics are more visual but it just seems like Reuben’s character development is missed there’s little on how he is stuck in the middle in the family with his succsful brother, scientist mum and dad who likes writing. Perhaps even worse there is little on how Reuben feels as he transforms with Rice describing it erotically in her novel like she normally does or even much art on the actual transformation. Although it would have been difficult to make it erotic as it would would require more thoughts and sounds.

Overall I feel that Wolf’s Gift wasn’t Anne Rice’s best work and as a result the adaption is weak even weaker than the book due to the art, lack of thoughts etc.

Wolf cover

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