Abaddon Books announces new JUDGES series for 2018
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 04 Oct 2017

We've seen a few Judge Dredd books, along with the recent Judge Anderson Year-One, from Abaddon Books and now there's a new series on it's way set in the Dredd-verse - Judges.

Judges is a new series from Abaddon Books exploring the very beginnings of the Judges, years before the Atomic Wars and the construction of Mega-City One. In an utterly familiar world, just a few years away from our own, the series will interrogate due process, race, class, the militarization of the police and surveillance culture as it asks us: What sort of world will eventually give rise to the totalitarian Judge Dredd?

The series has been commissioned by Abaddon's David Thomas Moore and overseen by series editor Michael Carroll, who happens to be one of the current writers on the Judge Dredd comic series. The series will begin with Carroll's novella The Avalanche, due out in May 2018, followed by When the Light Lay Still by newcomer Charles J Eskew in August 2018. A third, as-yet-unannounced novella will be released along with a collected Judges volume in January 2019.

The Judges series will begin in 2018.


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