Bird in a Cage review
By A Griffiths

Posted on: 26 Mar 2017

Bird in a Cage

Bird in a Cage tells the story of Mary and her battle to overcome a horrific brain injury that led to the onset of dementia.

Rebecca Roher is evidently an extremely talented writer who has created a story that resonates through the culture of 21st century families. She is a cartoonist, illustrator and educator that currently resides in the city of Toronto. Her work is highly renowned and she has the credentials to support this. The minicomic version of this book is prize winner and I can see why.

The narrative of Bird in a Cage draws the reader seamlessly into the life of Mary and her family and holds emotions until the last page. The clear, well developed story pulls the reader in and makes you feel a part of the family and truly sympathetic to their difficulties and heartache. What you could consider to be difficult topics of addiction and suicide are dealt with in a pragmatic way, yet as a reader you feel how difficult this must have been for Mary.

Bird in a Cape page preview

With many relatable characters, locations and family events you can personally place your own family members into the story. Memories of childhood family visits, holidays and celebrations in this story make it incredibly clever at making you remises of times gone by and what lies ahead for you and your loved ones. The fragility of the mind, memory and family is at the forefront of this graphic novel and the way it's portrayed is excellent.

Rating - 9/10

Bird in a Cage is released on the 31st March 2017 and is available to buy from

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