Blue Fox Comics: Robyn Kickstarter Now Live
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 09 May 2017

Robyn - Blue Fox Comics latest Kickstarter

Blue Fox Comics latest Kickstarter project is now live - Robyn, a gender flipped version of Robin Hood that will be an ongoing comic series. It's a little later than planned, but it looks to be worth the wait and the added time can be worth it for a successful campaign.

The story will follow Robyn surviving on her own in Sherwood Forest until she runs an errand for the dubious Tuck, which leads her into her greatest adventure yet; one that she cannot complete alone. Robyn isn't the only character slightly changed from the stories everyone knows. Little John does not fight with a staff (he uses crutches instead due to disability), Scarlett is also gender flipped, Friar Tuck is slightly shadier, and Robyn and the future Sheriff of Nottingham are friends! More than enough there to tickle your fancy.

Check out the "Robyn - a gender-flipped Robin Hood comic book for all ages!" Kickstarter and give it some backing if you like the sounds of it.

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