Catapulted #1 Review
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 22 Sep 2017

Catapulted issue one

Catapulted is a black and white comic about cats being sent into space during the great space race of the 1950's. Before we decided to send man into space, America experimented by sending up chimps, Russia sent dogs and France thought it was a good idea to send cats – you know, the house pet that barely anyone can control because they just do what they want.

The story follows one cats epic journey as it is "catapulted" into space, showing you how people interact with the cat as it faces ever changing conditions.

The main highlight of this comic, is the artwork. It has almost unfinished look about it which is by design, but it makes the comic absolutely stunning to look at as you go through page and page of what looks like raw artwork. It’s a great style, and work picking up for alone.

Catapulted issue one cat

Disappointingly there are quite a few spelling mistakes and times where the text doesn't fit the text bubble and so it split across two lines, which doesn't make for easy reading when the first two letters of a word are separated from the rest. Thankfully the author acknowledges that there were mistakes from being in a bit of a rush to get things ready in time for the London Super Comic Con and all of these hours will be ironed out from the second print onwards. Looking past these few mistakes though what he is created is an enjoyable comic book that does exactly what he set out to achieve.

Catapulted #1 scores an easy 4 out of 5, and if the rest of the series is going to look this great then it'll be worth every penny.

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