CCTVYLLE #2 on Kickstarter
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 13 Mar 2017

Award-winning artist and film-maker launches an online campaign to raise funds to produce the third episode of the CCTVYLLE comics.

Following the release of issues #00 and #01, Multimedia artist and Film-maker Gianluca Bonomo, is looking to fund CCTVYLLE #02. It's time to discover how a group of intrepid young people intend to build a strong resistance against the grotesque state of mass-surveillance, which has produced among the citizens a level of collective paranoia never seen before.

Set in London in the not too distant future, CCTVYLLE narrates the dramatic and controversial consequences of living a life with thousands of super-smart hybrid birds belonging to a government-run agency that keep an eye out for any crime in the city. The hybrids embody half machine and half bird, consisting of a very sophisticated CCTV-like camera build that boosts an intelligent cybernetic chip while the bird's wings are actual bones and organic tissue. Creepy right? The hybrids or "cctvirds" are often remotely controlled by appointed operators whose duty is to constantly patrol the town in a bid to not only report crime, but hopefully prevent it through their presence. Unfortunately the line of misuse is exceptionally thin and within a short period the hybrids become so dominant that no picture or view of the city is without them. Welcome to the future!

"Inspired by a dream I had a few years ago, CCTVYLLE is an imaginative exploration of the future of surveillance systems and the inevitable consequences of an extreme and grotesque use of technology. Sometimes even an apparently innocuous invention can lead to unforeseeable changes in society. In the dream, I saw a tree with dozens of strange creatures perched on it. The scene was as fascinating and chilling as arresting. Suddenly I realised I was seeing a possible future."

Gianluca Bonomo

If the story doesn't sound interesting enough (it should do), then the art should definitely tip the scales and make this a project worth backing. It's stunning and if you want to back for more than just the comic then you can get the back issues, T-shirts and stickers, some stunning artwork including pages of art from the comics themselves and beautifully drawn cctvird prints which will be signed and dedicated to you.

Check out the below from CCTVYLLE #00.

cctvylle #00 page 17

If you haven't watched the video above, it's recommended to do so. Then head over to the CCTVYLLE #2 Kickstarter Page for more info and 

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