Combat Colin No.2 is coming this month!
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 02 Jan 2018

Combat Colin issue 2 is out this month, and like the first issue will be 40 pages packed with Combat Colin strips from the late 1980s. This issue starts with the ones when The Transformers and Action Force merged into one comic, and features over 70 half page strips running from February 1988 to well into 1989.

Creator Lew Stringer shared some preview images over at his blog, which you can see below. Most of the strips have been scanned directly from his original artwork, and every strip comes with added dates underneath so that you know where and when it first appeared.

Combat Colin 2 cover

Combat Colin 2 page preview

The first issue is still available from Lews online shop, and Combat Colin No.2 will be added when it's available:

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