Dixon Hawke returns
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 06 Jan 2018

DC Thomson have announced the publication of two paperback books featuring some the best cases of their long-lived sleuth Dixon Hawke.

Dixon Hawke books

The Dover Street detective was first published in a newspaper on the 6th April 1912 and he would go on to solve over 5500 cases in various publications including his own Dixon Hawke Library and Dixon Hawke Casebook, as well as the pages of the boys' story paper Adventure, until his 'final bow' in Dundee's 'Evening Telegraph and Post' on 27th May 2000.

The new publications titled 'Dixon Hawke and the Case of the Missing American and other stories' and 'Dixon Hawke and the Case of the Smuggled Diamonds and other stories' each contain 27 stories within their 244 pages.

You can order the books from DC Thomson.

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