Doctor Who Is Bringing Back the Original Cybermen
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 07 Mar 2017

Mondasian Cybermen

The Cybermen are one of the classic Doctor Who villains who have been revived over and over again and now look like they are some form of evil Iron Man automated suits. A far stretch from the original monsters from the classic series. Now though, the grandaddiess of all Cybermen, the original, the elite, are finally back.

The BBC have officially announced that the Mondasian Cybermen - the Cybermen from the planet Mondas, the original cyborg aliens that first appeared in William Hartnell’s final Doctor Who story, The Tenth Planet, way back in 1966 - will be making a comeback and appearing in episodes 11 and 12 of Peter Capaldi's final season of Doctor Who. Awesome.

What makes this even more interesting is that although the Cybermen have become a staple of the show, almost as much as the Daleks, this original design of Cyberman has not been seen since their debut story. A shame because they are an awful lot more creepier than the new-age Cybermen in recent years.

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