First UK Commando Collectors Swapmeet/Fair
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 11 Jul 2017

Commando Comics Collection

Are you a Commando comics collector? If the answer is yes, then Saturday 16th September is a date that you might want to put in your diary, as Andy Yates is holding the first ever collectors fair dedicated to all things Commando.

Andy has promised to bring along as he puts it "I will be selling approximately 2000 doubles from my own collection of Commando, War, Battle, Air Ace, Warlord,Victor... and other assorted DC THOMSON titles... but there will be bags of space for other people to have stalls- or just turn up have a brew and swop with each other! I will release other details as I think of them... PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH OTHER COLLECTORS."

The venue is the Harriet Higgins Community Centre, Rotterdam Road, Poolfields, ST5 2PE Newcastle under Lyme, between the hours of 10am and 2:30pm/

For more info, there's a Facebook group. Just search for First UK Commando Collectors Swapmeet/Fair.


"If COMMANDO COMICS is your thing, I will be hosting an event to sell off my own 2000plus doubles, as well as Air Ace, War/Battle Picture Library, Victor, Warlord,Hotspur and other DC THOMSON titles.....and any other Military books that I have lying around.

If you would like a stall selling the same please get in touch or just rock up with a bag full of swops and have a brew."

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