Harker by Tony Lee - The Review
By David Jenkins

Posted on: 29 Nov 2017


This is the only official comic sequel to Dracula and is true to original with focus on hunters and Dracula as well as his evil bride only make sporadic appearances which drives the tension. Each hunter is damaged in some way (Dr Seward is back on morphine for instance) which adds to their uncertainty of whether they can defeat the vampires. The plot of Dracula wanting to be reborn in Mina's child certainly makes the fight between them more personal but it can't compare to original or even Anno Dracula. I like the idea that hunters think Mina is possibly losing her mind when sees Dracula again as it demonstrates Victorian attitude towards pregnant women and shows how big an effect Dracula had on them. There's enough hints to the original story for fans of the book and for anyone who hasn't read it they can understand this story.

However, art wise I wish there was more detail in the faces and background, the shading does add to the gothic effect but the art is still a bit simplistic for my liking. I love the colour schemes though as it's really adds to the tone when Quincy's ghost appears panels are just black and blue, when Arthur looks in Lucy's tomb it's green and black. These colours show the different emotions of the scenes.

Overall this is an interesting graphic novel that has some of the spirit of Stoker's book but isn't as good. The art should have been more detailed but the colour schemes and shading give it a real gothic touch.

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