Infinity Outrage Review
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 24 Jun 2017

Infinity Outrage

The Infinity world is moving outside of games and into stories, which usually turn out to be quite fun. Infinity Outrage is no different, opening up the Infinity world further as you follow a retired sniper called Knauf, who gets pulled into conflicts that he isn't interested in fighting. Instead of a novel though, we get a Manga.

Manga can divide opinions. Some people love the different art styles and the different look from your standard graphic novel. Others don't. We judge them based on the same as all graphic novels, in that if it looks good and is interesting then I’m on board. And there was a lot to like about Outrage.

The bad probably comes down to the Manga style, as there are a few panels where you’re not quite sure what is going on, but you do get the general gist that someone frantic is happening.  If you’re not a player of the game, there will also be a few terms that leave you wondering what it being talked about, but thankfully there’s an Infinity glossary at the back to help you out.

The style isn’t all bad though, as most panels look great. It just seems to be when things turn to “action” that it’s a bit difficult. As a non-Infinity game player, the characters are all interesting and it does make me want more and that can only be a good thing for Infinity.

In all though, it is a good short story that focused on some interesting concepts drawn from the Infinity universe. Even with some words that aren’t known (thank you, glossary) the story is easy to follow and the different fractions all seem to get some good time given the short length of the story.

If there’s to be another instalment, then colour me interested.

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