Kickstarter: Daughter of Titan Issue #1
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 05 Feb 2017

Daughter of Titan Issue #1 is currently on Kickstarter, written by Richard Mooney who has worked on several other projects like "The Adventures of Percy Nobleman" and "Uptown Chronicles". Daughter of Titan will be his first solo comic (his characters, story and ideas). As the first issue of a 6 part miniseries, Kickstarter will hopefully bring the entire story to life.

Daughter of Titan is a superhero comic with one defining feature; a realistic female protagonist.

Some cool rewards come with the Kickstarter, including prints, the comic signed and digital copies of the script along with the comic.

The story:

Alena Amar is a young French Algerian woman living in America. An ex robotics student in her early twenties, she left robotics to appease her parents and their desire for her to find a stable job after university. Despite doing so, she still hangs out with her best friend Suzanne Perkins, a current robotics student and fellow prodigy in the field.

After being attacked one night, Alena discovers she has super strength. Soon she discovers why, she is the direct descendant of America's last true "Superhero", a mysterious figure called Titan. This starts her down a path that will see her clash with augmented police officers, a shady government, her parents and eventually, the descendant of Titan's arch nemesis who still has a score to settle.

  • Daughter of Titan Issue 1 Preview 1
  • Daughter of Titan Issue 1 Preview 2
  • Daughter of Titan Issue 1 Preview 3
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