Killtopia #1 Hits Kickstarter This Friday
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 29 Jan 2018

Killtopia Kickstarter

This Friday sees the latest Card Shark Comics Kickstarter project come to life, as Killtopia #1 begins funding. You can check out what Killtopia is about below along with two prints that will be available as part of the campaign. It's definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Killtopia is a cyberpunk comic series set in a mega-city in future Japan. The city's Sector K district is infested with killer mechs. Heavily-armed soldiers of fortune called Wreckers are paid to hunt them for money, fame and glory.

Our story starts as a rookie Wrecker called Shinji encounters the world's first sentient mech called Crash. They are then both hunted like fugitives across the neon-soaked metropolis by Wreckers, android killers and Yakuza gangs in a violent battle royale to end them all!

The series has been created from a love of Japanese culture, dystopian fiction and the work of Japan's finest videogame developers - all qualified and culture-checked by family members and friends living in Japan.

Killtopia Stiletto

Killtopia Shinji

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