Out this week from 2000 AD: Die Mensch Maschine & Aux Drift
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 08 Mar 2017

The Order: Die Mensch Maschine and Kingdom: Aux Drift

As 2000 AD celebrates four decades of cutting edge comics, two of the best recent series are collected together in softcover editions, and are being released this week. Both more than prove that 2000 AD is more than just Judge Dredd - as if fans needed any more proof!

Kek-W (The Fall Of Deadworld, Canon Fodder) and John Burns (Judge Dredd, Nikolai Dante) deliver  one of the most inventive comics you'll ever read in the historical mash-up to end them all with The Order: Die Mensch Maschine!

The Order: Die Mensch Maschine

In medieval Europe, when young Anna Kohl’s quest to discover the fate of her missing father leads to the discovery of the centuries-old secret organisation he served, known as The Order, little does she know that she is joining a fight against fiendish extra-dimensional Wurms. Can the Order prevent all reality from unravelling?

This rip-roaring historical fantasy is lavishly illustrated by one of the all-time greats of British comics – Burns’ fully-painted art brings the same ‘classic comics’ vibrancy to ancient forests as it does to motorbike chases through Tudor London. The Order is a modern classic in the making and one for all fans of historical fantasy or classic old school adventure!

Then there's New York Times bestselling writer Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy, Warhammer) returning to his fan favourite series that has huge genetically modified dogs fighting giant insects in a post-apocalyptic future in Kingdom: Aux Drift!

Kingdom: Aux Drift

Short on words but big on stature, Gene The Hackman leads an unlikely band of humans and dog soldiers in holding back the giant bugs that have over-run the world. In the latest collection, Gene, now leader of a motley crew of mongrel Aux warriors ‘The Wild Bunch’, stands as the guardian and champion of the eponymous human inhabited settlement. But it’s far from heaven when the cracks start to show in ‘The Kingdom’. Illustrated by Thor and Judge Dredd artist Richard Elson, Kingdom: Aux Drift delivers high-octane, bug-splattered, wide-screen action!

The Order: Die Mensch Maschine and Kingdom: Aux Drift are both on sale this week from all good book shops, comic book stores, online retailers, and the 2000 AD web shop and apps.

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