Rebellion to publish strips from TAMMY and JINTY
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 31 Jan 2018

Rebellion are publishing two more books in their Treasury of British Comics line that feature material from other 1970s girls comics with strips from the archives of Tammy and Jinty comics, following the successful two volumes of stories from Misty.

The Treasury of British Comics kicked off with John Wagner and John Cooper's "part Dirty Harry, part Judge Dredd" One-Eyed Jack, which was first published in 1975. This was followed with the first collection of Mike Western and Eric Bradbury's "British Spider-man" series The Leopard from Lime Street. Every addition has been superb and further additions such as Tammy and Jinty are always welcome.

Scheduled for 28th June, is Jinty Vol.1: The Human Zoo and The Land of No Tears.

"A luxury treasury collection featuring stories from the bestselling British girl comics phenomenon – restored and remastered for the first time!

Whilst undergoing surgery on her lame leg, Cassy Shaw is transported into a dystopian future in which people with genetic defects are regarded as second class citizens. Unable to accept such objectionable discrimination, Cassy attempts to rally her peers (the Gamma girls) into beating the Alpha girls in several sporting events. Can she win the Golden Girl award and prove herself an equal?

Twin sisters Shona and Jenny are kidnapped along with their classmates by a superior race of telepathic aliens. Brought back to the aliens’ home planet, Shona and some other human captives are kept in cages where they are treated and displayed like animals, while Jenny is sold to another owner. Will the twins ever be able to reunite and escape by to Earth?

* Lost science-fiction tales of alternate realities, of the strange and uncanny! All starring the female lead characters of British 70s comics.
* Written by comic legend Pat Mills (Marshall Law) and illustrated by Misty artist Guy Peeters!"

Then a few weeks later on 12th July, there's Bella at the Bar Vol.1, beginning the long-running series from Tammy by Jenny McDade and John Armstrong.

"Orphan Bella Barlow is a young girl with a great natural talent for gymnastics. Unfortunately her dreams and aspirations to be a world-class gymnast are being hindered by her legal guardians - uncle Jed and aunt Gertrude, who force and bully Bella to their own advantage. Can Bella escape a life of abuse and servitude? Will she finally realise her dreams of gymnastic stardom? The epic serial begins here!

* Running for over a decade - one of the most popular and longest running Tammy strips – finally reprinted!"

It's good to hear that these long out-of-print stories will be collected for a new audience to appreciate.

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