RIP Jim Baikie - Eisner Award-winning Scottish Comic Artist
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 02 Jan 2018

Sad news came in over the holidays, as the Eisner Award-winning Scottish comic artist Jim Baikie passed away at 77 years old. Baikie is perhaps best known as the co-creator of 2000 AD's alien-on-the-run, Skizz. He enjoyed a career in comics that began with work for girls titles in the 1960s, 2000AD and superhero work in the US. He was also a much in demand artist beyond the comics medium.

While perhaps best known perhaps for his work with Alan Moore on the 2000 AD strip "Skizz", as well as many memorable Judge Dredd strips, Baikie had a long and varied career as an artist in comics.

Jim Baikie Skizz

Baikie initially made a name for himself in the pages of Look-In, drawing adaptations of Charlie's Angels, CHiPS, The Fall Guy and Terrahawks. At the same time he came to prominence in 2000 AD with the Alan Moore-penned "Skizz".

He subsequently drew Batman, New Teen Titans, The Spectre and other major characters for DC Comics.

Baikie won the 1983 S.S.I. Award as Best British Adventure Artist and the 2000 Eisner Award for his contributions to Tomorrow Stories.

It's sad news and a loss to comics. It's time to read Skizz again as a tribute.

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