Robyn Kickstarter Preview
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 01 Feb 2017

Robyn - Blue Fox Comics

Later this month, Blue Fox Comics are launching another Kickstarter project - Robyn. Written by Simon Birks, with art by Ege Avci and letters by Lyndon White, Robyn is a gender flipped Robyn Hood action/adventure comic where Little John does not fight with a staff (he uses crutches instead due to disability), Scarlett is also gender flipped, Friar Tuck is slightly shadier, and Robyn and the future Sheriff of Nottingham are friends! Madness, utter madness!

Check out the preview below and keep an eye out for it on Kickstarter this month.

  • Robyn preview 1
  • Robyn preview 2
  • Robyn preview 3
  • Robyn preview 4
  • Robyn preview 5
  • Robyn preview 6
  • Robyn preview 7
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