Scotland Yardie Review
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 03 Mar 2017

Times have gotten bad in London... or worse depending on how you currently view the place. If you aren't white skinned, you'll be shot by the police and have drugs and guns planted on you all in the name of reducing crime. The problem is that there aren't enough black police officers, so in order to encourage their growth Boris borrows one of Jamaica's finest – Scotland Yardie. He's not your typical police man with dreadlocks, smoking skunk and treating criminals harsher than you would think possible. For the higher ups, it might just be a PR exercise, but it's far from that to Yardie as he knows how to sniff out what's going wrong with the London police and the drugs scene and he's out to correct it by any means necessary.

Scotland Yardie Cover

The story comes alive through the many, many minor details. You could glance over the pages and miss so much; cinema signs, background characters that are celebrities or just doing something stupid, shop windows, etc. There's something in the background of most panels that show just how much work has gone into making this graphic novel more than just the story of Scotland Yardie.

Yardie's partner is the best black policeman in London, and he likes to remind everyone of how good he is, despite not being able to see beyond the end of his nose provides some of the lines of the story – like trying to bribe a kid with sweets and a ride in his car in an accidentally creepy way, or not being able to see the obvious whilst telling Yardie how he's a master detective.

The best part is that the story is completely nuts. It manages to work and drag you along with it's craziness and makes you laugh even when you feel that you shouldn't. There are talking animals that hate the police, guys robbing a bank that forgot to find a get-away car so took the bus to the bank with their semi-automatic rifles like it's a normal thing to do in London and pulling huge guns out of pockets like your pocket is a wizards hat or something. Oh and blue chicken, where to start with that? Just think Breaking Bad but in KFC and all mixed together. Blue chicken. Yeah... completely nuts, but it works. Blue chicken might just be one of the best things this year and will be hard to top.

You probably need a certain kind of humour for this story, and the creators Bobby Joesph and Joseph Samuels have a sense of humour so great that it's likely pouring out of their ears. If you want to read a book about a serious subject that just slaps humour through it like there aren't some serious problems in this world, then this is definitely the book for you. You'll have no regrets, just like Scotland Yardie doesn't seem to regret anything that he does.

Scotland Yardie Page Preview

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