Spider-Man Homecoming Rant (Contains Spoilers)
By David Jenkins

Posted on: 02 Aug 2017


Last week I finally saw the new Spider-Man film and while I found it to be amazing with positives including- Tom Holland’s and Michael Keaton’s performances, the scenes where Peter struggles with the suit and the blending of high school drama and the need for Peter to prove himself. There were several issues that detracted from my enjoyment.

Most come from a fan boy point of view but surely you should keep your fan base happy. Anyway some of the less fan boy criticisms I had were the lack of spider sense, which results in Peter struggling to fight some thugs and was unrealistic. No mention of Uncle Ben or ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.  I know they don’t want to cover origin story but this is the crucial moral point of Spider-Man and its one of the most famous lines in comic history. To me the omission of Uncle Ben is almost like having a Star Wars film with no Yoda reference and no ‘may the force be with you’. I understand showing Iron Man as a father figure but he's just a role model he didn't raise Peter and teach him his morals.

On the fan boy side, the casting of several characters and the changes to their personalities smacked a bit off distancing themselves from early films and political correctness. Flash should be a sports star rather than a rival genius and as such he's meant to be a muscular guy all the girls want. MJ was portrayed great in the original films, perhaps a bit more party girl would have been fine but her personality and the actress chosen here is wrong. Even if they do call her Michelle it’s clear who she is meant to be. Betty and Liz I'll accept don't look like the comics but at least the personality was similar. In Liz’s case not mentioning her last name added a little surprise to the film but it’s annoying that in nearly every film the villain finds out the super heroes’ identity. Personally I think the casting director from the original franchise should have been hired again as their choice of J K Simmons as J Jonah Jameson among others choices was perfect.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable film which leaves me looking forward to how Spider-Man will react to rest of MCU. However there were several small omissions that detracted from the film that can hopefully be rectified in future films.

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