Star Bastard 2 - Available on Kickstarter now!
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 19 Jan 2017

Star Bastard Issue 2 now on Kickstarter

The first Star Bastard Kickstarter project was a roaring success, and when the comic arrived it was a thing of beauty. The good news for anyone that backed and enjoyed the comic like we did, is that there's now a second issue available on Kickstarter - Star Bastard 2: Fund Harder.

Fair warning though, the comic isn't really suitable for children... unless of course you don't mind your child reading about the exploits of a foul mouthed space captain.

If you missed the first issue, there's a link to buy it at a bargain price of $0.99 at the bottom of this press release. Buy it, read it, enjoy it and then check out issue 2 on Kickstarter.

Star Bastard is a book that pretty much does what it says on the tin. It features a big sweary space captain who drinks, punches and shoots his way across the galaxy alongside an equally dysfunctional crew of reprobates.

If you like Red Dwarf, Guardians of the Galaxy, Firefly or a violent foul-mouthed mashup of all of the above, this book is probably for you!

Art duties on the book are by Jethro Morales, an artist who has worked on multiple big titles, such as Vampirella, Army of Darkness, Green Hornet and Deja Thoris for Dynamite, with colour from Teo Gonzales (Executive assistant:Iris) and Lettering by the bastion of indie comic book lettering HDe (Salvagers).

Issue 1 sold out of the initial print run, so we funded a second run on Kickstarter and after the awesome feedback we are now working to get issue 2 into the hands of readers!

We launched issue 2 once already, but the target was much higher than the first time round and we struggled to raise enough money. After speaking to a number of other creators, the consensus is that its important to build more of an audience before targeting big dollar amounts in campaigns. So the decision was made to get the bulk of the artwork finished ahead of time and allow the kick-starter target to drop lower, and focus on Colour, lettering and printing.

So that means the artwork is pretty much complete! Theres much more action in this book, and hopefully it sets the comic up and hooks readers for further issues.

We’ve got a bunch of Variants for folks who like that sort of thing, plus all the original Artwork is available at pretty reasonable prices. Alongside the original pages, Jethro has also volunteered a few personal commissions, so its a great chance for collectors to get a nice piece to hang on their wall.

We also offered the chance to be drawn into the book as our highest pledge tier, but those went almost immediately!

If people would like to get a preview of whats happened already, issue 1 is available in digital and print form as a reward in the issue 2 campaign or you can buy a digital copy direct from for $0.99!

Here's a little preview of what you can expect within the covers of issue 2:

Star Bastard 2 Preview Pages

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