Untitled Ape's Epic Adventure Review
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 28 Mar 2017

Untitled Ape's Epic Adventure

Untitled Ape's Epic Adventure follows, unsurprisingly, Untitled Ape (a giant purple ghost-beast) as he tried to fulfil his need to see his family in the jungle. He makes a friend called Cat (a cat) who doesn't think it's a great idea, but when a massive storm rolls in their epic adventure begins where they meet a variety of characters along the way.

Trying to sum the story up is no easy task as there's just so much going on. It's funny, dark, poetic, heart-warming, surreal, magical and funny. Combined together it makes an absorbing read that leaves you always wanting to turn to the next page.

The story starts with Untitled Ape alone before encountering a sarcastic and rather English sounding ("your wot?") cat who becomes his travelling partner and friend. Together they encounter a lonely dog, a narwhal, a mammoth, a yeti and a villainous bird in a hat who has been following our ape and seems to know more about his dark past than anyone else.

Untitled Ape's Epic Adventure Page 3

Tillotson's artwork is beautiful throughout showcasing a variety of techniques, and with the design of Untitled Ape he is able to push the boundaries creatively. Every page looks stunning, every panel looks like it's had Tillotson's heart poured into it.

It's incredibly difficult to find a fault with the story or the artwork as you go through the epic adventure of Untitled Ape and Cat as you find yourself dragged into the story that is full of different emotions. It's a book that is a worth 5 out of 5 and is one to read more than once. The title doesn't lie, it truly is an epic adventure.

Untitled Ape's Epic Adventure Page 26

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