Vessels #1 Review
By Benjamin Williams

Posted on: 19 Apr 2017

Vessels issue one

With Vessels issue 2 nearly upon us, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, we decided that it was time to look back at issue one to make sure we're up to date with events.

Vessels issue one is a fantasy story initially set in the land of Cairnthala, where our hero Wake is chased down by slavers from the local city of Stratum. Wake possesses an inexplicable link to the "Eye-God", which happens to be a giant ball of fire that hovers above the city that at any moment could decimate the entire place and all who live there.

The first issue introduces you to everything you need to know this new world, thankfully in a way that flows with the story instead of just giving you copious amounts of information in blocks of text before you get to the actual story. The information you do get is so well written that you become committed to the characters and their adventure and with an exciting looking rogues gallery to finish of the first issue you can only hope that the second one is able to live up to what has already happened. If this issue is anything to go by then it will.

What makes this an almost complete indy comic is that the story telling by Dave Cook is matched by the art, with there being some spectacular panels on show as Rafael Desquitado Jr. and Dennis Lehman showcase their artistic talents. The opening pages in particular are appropriately grim and set the tone for what's to come. The whole creative team are on point and have created an original and exciting comic that has the potential to offer a lot of exciting stories in future instalments. Bring on issue 2!

Vessels #1 scores a great 9/10.

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