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Here at Comic Book News UK, we strive to offer you exciting comic book news from the UK, offering content by comic fans, FOR comic fans! We love comics just as much as anyone, and what better way to express our true passion and love than to write about them? So that's what we do.

UK Comics are what we live for, that's why the UK part is important in Comic Book News UK. There's so much to love and we hope we can share enough of that with our readers, so they can experience something new and different to what they'd usually find.

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We post honest and insightful reviews of comics that we find interesting and inspiring.

We're an inclusive place, where comics from marginalised creators matter. We look for the positives in what we receive, to showcase the talent and efforts that have gone into creating comics.

We're always looking for new comics to read and review, so if you are an author or a publisher from the UK who wants a review, we would be delighted to receive them.

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