A sneak peak at the end of Infinity

by Alexander Jones
12th August, 2013
1 minute

Infinity Banner Image

Marvel has been very coy as of late towards most of the details regarding the upcoming Infinity storyline, and frankly I would not have it any other way. Basically the only thing that we know is that the threat building from Avengers and New Avengers, is swirling towards a boiling point that could have some bad implications for our heroes going forward. The threat from each title are known as the builders and gardners, they are bad news for the universe but so is Thanos. The long awaited purple titan is on a collision course with the galaxy as we have seen in the last issue of New Avengers. The Mad Titan has finally started throwing some of his generals into place which is catostrophic due to so many threats consuming earth at one time. This event has been building since the start of the Marvel Now! initiative with Jonathan Hickman's wild new take on the Avengers franchise. The heavy plot nature of the twin books has been turning some heads and lighting the industry on fire. Check out the swirl of new covers that are set to debut at the end of the Infinity event,  also make sure to pick up the first issue of the title coming out this Wednesday.

New Avengers 12 cover

Infinity #6 Cover

Infinity #6 Dodson Variant

Avengers #23


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