First look at new images from Guardians Of The Galaxy

by Alexander Jones
12th August, 2013
1 minute

Guardians Of The Galaxy is a big sci-fi movie that will entrap many casual viewers with the connection of the Marvel Universe. Thus far the film franchise has never seemed to stumble in quality. In addition the inclusion of such an insane proprety as this one will open up many more possibilities in the same cinematic climate. Some leaked images from the set were revealed today featuring key parts of the movie like actress Glenn Close as Nova Prime. Many of the Nova Centurions are also faetured in these images, set on the Millenium bridge. The costumes on the actors are all quite stunning, with Close stealing the show with such radical make-up. This is a rare movie where an Oscar nominated actress can team up with a former WWE star. Footage revealed at Comic-Con is also starting to surface on the internet. The following video has some amazing moments, like a first look at Rocket Raccoon the character seems to have been handled with a careful hand. Take a look below,

Also enjoy some of the awesome set photos,

Gaurdians Extras

Glenn Close Nova PrimeMore Guardians Extras

The film is set for release this time next year on August 1st 2014, fans will have to wait to get there fix of Rocket Raccoon until then!

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