Marvel Season One Graphic Novels

by Benjamin Williams
11th January, 2012
2 minutes

Back in December Marvel announced some more cool new graphic novels that will be coming out. There are a few that were released previously which I'm sure will have more interest than the latest announcements. Personally I'm looking forward to Spiderman, Daredevil and possibly X-Men, but I'll have to have a look through them first to see what they're like. With seven now announced, it makes you wonder how many they will actually do considering some big characters Marvel are yet to do for these Season One books.

Previously announded Marvel had the following:

• FANTASTIC FOUR: SEASON ONE by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and David Marquez, on-sale in February 2012
• X-MEN: SEASON ONE by Dennis Hopeless and Jamie McKelvie, on-sale in March 2012
• DAREDEVIL: SEASON ONE by Antony Johnston and Wellinton Alves, on-sale in April 2012
• SPIDER-MAN: SEASON ONE by Cullen Bunn and Neil Edwards, on-sale in May 2012

Following this Marvel announced 3 more Season One graphic novels giving this statement:

These all-new complete stories offer fans a chance to immerse themselves in the Marvel Universe like never before. Journey into the unknown with Ant-Man, learn about the mystic arts with Doctor Strange and find out how Hulk balances humanity and monstrosity as each of these graphic novels offer new revelations for long-time fans and give new readers a fresh introduction to the character. With modern retellings of the world's greatest super heroes seminal origins by some of the most critically acclaimed creators in the business, no fan can miss this! Each of these graphic novels also include a code to download each book for free, via the Marvel Comics app, making them must haves for every fan.

"As a result of the great response from fans and retailers, we realized we couldn't just stop with one wave of titles" said David Gabriel, Marvel SVP of Sales. "We're showing our continued support for this line by insuring that fans have a reason to come back into comic shops month after month to get the next volumes in the Season One line of original graphic novels."

• Ant-Man: Season One by Tom DeFalco (Spider-Girl) and Horacio Domingues (INCORRUPTIBLE), on-sale in July 2012
• Hulk: Season One by Fred Van Lente (ALPHA FLIGHT, Herc) and Tom Fowler (VENOM), on sale in August 2012
• Doctor Strange: Season One by Greg Pak (ASTONISHING X-MEN, RED SKULL: INCARNATE) and Emma Rios (Osborn, SPIDER ISLAND: CLOAK & DAGGER), on sale in September 2012

You can only assume that Ant-Man and Doctor Strange are being done due to potential films sometime. Why else would they need to reintroduce them to fans instead of following up on the first lot with characters like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, etc. 

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