10 things I liked about the 90s Clone Saga


1.    The artists- Mark Bagley, John Romita Jr, Mike Wieringo and Luke Ross all worked on Spider-Man during the Clone Saga and some of them were at their peak at this time. Check out Trial of Peter Parker Amazing Spider-man for example.

2.    Classic villain rogue gallery- Ben Reilly must have fought nearly every classic villain from obscure ones like Will O Wisp and Swarm to mainstays like Venom. I think Morbius and Rhino are two of the only villains he didn't fight.

3.    Return of the Green Goblin- a strong comeback and a massive shock that makes Peter Parker Spider-Man 75 one of my favourite comics. I hesitate to think what Spider-Man have been like without the Green Goblin return.

4.    Great costumes- The Scarlet Spider and Ben Reilly's Spider-Man were both nice changes to the traditional costume which showed how Ben was different from Peter but similar.

5.    Surprises galore- There were lots of surprises from the discovery of another Spider-man in the smokestack where Peter left the clone in Amazing Spider-Man 149 to Peter losing his powers. It was hard to predict what was going to happen next in the Clone Saga quite likely because they didn't know how long it would run.

6.    Amazing Spider-Man 400- The death of Aunt May was one of the most beautifully written comics and who could forget the touching moment when she reveals that she knew Peter was Spider-Man.

7.    Ben Reilly- We had a new version of Spider-Man with a return to the basics of juggling working, dating and improving his weaponry (impact webbing, stingers). But we also got to see Peter briefly live happily ever after.

8.    Kaine- A disturbing version of Peter with cool powers including visions and the mark of Kaine. With the killing of several villains including Dr. ctopus he was terrifying but once it was revealed he was a failed clone it was hard not to feel sorry for and disappointed at the same time in him.

9.    Some brilliant writing- Several great writers including Howard Mackie and Tom Defalco where involved in this especially near the start of the saga and when it was just Ben as Spider-Man fighting classic foes.

10.  Ben Reilly's past- There were several series on Ben's past including most famously the Lost Years which again presented a different version of what Spider-Man might be. It's interesting to see how Parker's core values still remain in the end despite how bad Ben's life was.

So there's 10 things I liked about the 90's Clone Saga, what about you? Next week I'll focus on the bad things.




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