Afterlight Comics 2020 Kickstarter Schedule

One of our favourite UK publishers are Kickstarter regulars. So it's great to see that they have a whole year of releases planned out, all of which will be heading to Kickstarter at specified dates - so that fans can get them marked on their calendars ready.

Last years Rise of the Goatman is getting a next instalment, with Birth of the Goatman, which if it is in the same vein as previous will be a good one to get.

The final issue of Ghost Island is coming at the end of June. You can check out our combined review of Ghost Island #1-5 to see why we're excited to see how it ends.

With all of this, it was a surprise to see that two issues of Stay Awake will be released, staying in line with the first two issues last year - so we're not complaining! This is possibly our favourite AfterLight Comics series and the covers are a treat in themselves. Check out our combined review of Stay Awake #1-2.

The full release schedule is below. Let us know what you're looking forward to the most.

AfterLight comics 2020 Kickstarter schedule

  • STAY AWAKE #3 - 30/03/20
  • WENDIGO WOOD #4 - 04/05/20
  • BIRTH OF THE GOATMAN - 29/06/20
  • GHOST ISLAND #6 - 03/07/20
  • STAY AWAKE #4 - 28/09/20
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