Applications Now Open for ShortBox Digital Comics Fair 2022

ShortBox Digital Comics Fair 2022

ShortBox Comics Fair is a digital comics fair that takes place annually in October, and their applications for their 2022 fair is now officially open, running from today until the end of December.

The fair runs for a month and is online-only, which is great news for comic fans as it means anyone from anywhere in the world can apply to exhibit from the comfort of their homes without lugging around a load of heavy books. Attendees can also shop from the comfort of their own home, or wherever they want.

What sets the fair apart is that it is a comics-focused platform: showcasing only *new* digital comics from a myriad assembly of artists. Every exhibiting artist involved debuts a new, original comic, and all these comics are then released simultaneously in one place. The month running length of the fair gives people ample time to browse, buy, and come back again.

This is what makes the fair innovative: you know that each artist will be debuting a comic that has never been seen before. 

All participating exhibitors are required to 'table' with 1 new, debuting comic. Details as follows:

  • Comics must be new work: not published elsewhere previously, whether digitally or in print.
  • Comics must be a minimum of 16 pages (comic pages, i.e. not including covers, etc) in length.
  • All rights to the comic are fully owned by the creator/s.
  • 100% of sales/profits go to artists/creators (minus Gumroad/payment processing fees).
  • Each artist receives a breakdown of sales and fees along with payment.
  • Once the fair is over, artists are completely free to do whatever they wish with their comic; for the duration of the fair, the comic should be available via the fair only.
  • Participating exhibitors MUST have a Paypal account.
  • Exhibiting fee of £40 (invoiced via Paypal).

Applicants will receive further information on creating/submitting their comic, deadlines, layout, set-up, etc., upon acceptance. A guideline date for submission of a final, completed comic is 25th August.

If you want to apply, remember that you only have until the end of 2021 to get your application in and then 8 months to submit your actual comic. The form to apply is right here: https://forms.gle/VAkFCD5P3m5YBDx9A

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