ComicScene+ 2023 is a Must Buy

by Benjamin Williams
27th February, 2023
1 minute

ComicScene+ Digital Comics is a bargain. There's no other way to describe it.

£20 gets you a password for access until the end of 2023. And every week, a new digital comic is added. The title will be available to buy separately if you want, but really, for £20, buying the year access should be a no-brainer.

Currently, there are two titles available. The Kirknewton Story and Sentinel issue one.

Digital Shop – ComicScene

Sentinel Issue 1: Special Delivery

We meet Doyle Braddock, a just above-average courier who has a special package to deliver to the powerful Tsar Of Rafica. Others have their greedy eyes on it, though, and Doyle will have to be cunning and lucky to make his delivery in this action-packed and sometimes silly sci-fi romp by Alan Holloway and Ed Doyle.

Sentinel Special Delivery

The Kirknewton Story

Stories include Dr William Cullen the first mail-order medic, Burke and Hare, Waterloo Tower, the Oakbank Disaster, the Secret Bunker, the Forth Raid, Spooky Stories, UFO alien abduction, the connection to the JFK Assassination, the Charles Jencks artwork A Stone Progress, the School Unexploded Bomb and the Kirknewton community campaign against an illegal landfill. The Kirknewton Story forms part of a major comic exhibition in Scotland.

The Kirknewton Story

Each week ComicScene, there'll be a digital comic to buy either as a stand-alone title or as part of ComicScene+ Digital Comics. And if it is available in print, a link will be provided where to get the comic.

It's really not a price you can argue with.

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