Commando Comics This Week: 5735-5738

by Benjamin Williams
27th March, 2024
2 minutes

Commando Comics are paying tribute to Ken Barr with their latest issues. Barr created some of the most iconic covers for the publication over the years, working on 14 issues of Commando. This one-off set of four issues are each dedicated to the master himself.

Commando Issues 5735 – 5738 are on sale in newsagents and digitally from Thursday 28th March, 2024.

Commando 5735: Home of Heroes: Sniper's Island

Throughout the South Sea Islands, he was known as 'Big Alec'. Six feet three inches of bronzed, husky, Australian beach-comber, gold prospector and hunter.

Big Alec roamed the islands in a tattered shirt, slacks and an old bush hat, his only companion his big game rifle, with its deadly telescopic sight. 

Then came the Japanese, island-hopping their way to Australia, mowing down everything in their way — until they reached Big Alec's island. 

There they stopped dead — very dead — for Big Alec never missed...

The first up in our four issues dedicated to Ken Barr is one from his early Commando days, all the way back in 1963. Featuring the first of the two issues written by the wordsmith Eric Hebden and with stellar artwork by Medrano.

Story: E Hebden
Art: Medrano
Cover: Ken Barr
First Published 1963 as Issue 72

Commando 5735: Home of Heroes: Sniper's Island

Commando 5736: Gold Collection: Killer Crew

When Major Tod Raike and his 'Raiders' went on the warpath in their high-speed armed jeeps, the best thing a Jerry could do was dig a quick hole in the sand and pull it in after him! 

What a bunch of blokes! 

Issue 5736 is the second of our special one-off set dedicated to the legendary Commando cover artist Ken Barr! 'Killer Crew' features Eric Hebden's rag-tag group of raiders operating behind enemy lines! With artwork by the legendary V Fuente to boot!

Story: E Hebden
Art: V Fuente
Cover: Ken Barr
First Published 1964 as Issue 139

Commando 5736: Gold Collection: Killer Crew

Commando 5737: Action and Adventure: Jet Menace

The Spits and the Hurris couldn't get near the pilotless V1 flying bombs. So the Typhoons and the Tempests were rushed into the air. 

They did the job and were just getting their breath back when another menace appeared in the sky. A new jet, with a pilot this time. A plane they couldn't touch, one that blasted them to pieces and then vanished without a trace.

Ken Barr was an avid body-builder and often modelled for Commando covers, but while he was known for his amazing figure work, his covers featuring aircraft are not to be overlooked as the Glaswegian was a master of his craft! 

Story: Newark
Art: Amador
Cover: Ken Barr
First Published 1967 as Issue 287

Commando 5737: Action and Adventure: Jet Menace

Commando 5738: Silver Collection: Battle Crazy

Pilot Officer Peter Culver flew his hurricane slowly over a row of parked Me 109s, fired a

short burst to let them know he was there, then circled over the Nazi air base, waiting. They'd be coming up for him soon, and the odds would be twenty to one. They would shoot him and his plane to pieces, and he didn't care...

Issue 5738 'Battle Crazy' is the final issues in the set dedicated to Ken Barr, and you'll be crazy about it! It was the reader's request to have more reprint sets dedicated to our artist and Commando was only too happy to oblige!

Story: Wilkinson
Art: Ken Barr
Cover: Ken Barr
First Published 1968 as Issue 330

Commando 5738: Silver Collection: Battle Crazy

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