Croix-Noire - New Multimedia Epic Launching Comic, Game and Album Simultaneously

Croix-Noire cover

Step into the world of Croix-Noire, but watch your back. This is not the safest place to be. Croix-Noire is one of the roughest areas in France, full of deadbeats, drug addicts and hookers. And that’s just the municipal library!

A new graphic novel is coming soon that offers something a little bit extra - an online ROBLOX game and an album! The graphic novel Croix-Noire will be released in 7 monthly comic issues, that started in April, coinciding with the launch of the online ROBLOX game.

The accompanying album 'Songs from Croix-Noir' will be released on July 15th and each issue of the comic will coincide with the release of one new track.

"Ace Hansel Jr is a fictitious, B list, capeless superhero. He lives in and looks after a dark and dangerous world based on a real French red light district familiar to Jean-Charles (Capelli)."

When Mike Batt met Jean-Charles Capelli, he was struck by the unusual imagery in Capelli’s notebook and the duo used these pages as direct inspiration for the project. Originally inspired by Jean-Charles's own life, the neo-steam-punk mythos was taken further by writer David Quantick and comics artist Mike Collins in a 7-issue series.

Songs from Croix-Noir

"Everyone has a place they return to in their dreams. It might be real or imaginary. It might be a mixture of the two. You might spend the rest of your life trying to work out why you keep going back there. For me, Croix-Noire is that place"

The main character Ace is equipped with the means of manipulating emotions using new and unique technology, enabled and facilitated by his senior-citizen sidekick, inventor and strategist Colonel Talbot. Readers will be immersed in a grim world filled with intrigue, mystery and all manner of lowlifes, villains and rejects.

Music released by MADHOUSE RAG RECORDS distributed by ADA/Warner. The Graphic Novel will be distributed by www.getmycomics.com - the first two issues are available to buy right now!

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