Cutrist Comics, a very promising UK comic company

After many years in the comic book industry, it takes a lot to impress us so we were taken aback recently after coming in contact with two writers from the big city. After only forming in January, you would be forgiven for not hearing about Cutrist Comics but they are very quickly building a following and it could just be a trend that you want to join.

Within the UK, London is known for its indie comic publishers so there is little surprise when another pops up. However, we at Comic Book News UK were left surprised not only by the quality of their work but their sheer passion and dedication for what they are doing. With comic books, it is easy to get a little lost but there is a clear plan in place here.

When visiting, they told us of how they want grassroots writers to have a platform to show their skills to all age groups. With DC Comics, Marvel, and many others, there are some series that are aimed at children whilst others are aimed at the older generations. In the same vein, Cutrist Comics want to do the same thing and this type of forward-thinking could be what sets them apart.

Currently, they have a daily series entitled Zombie Daily, written by Phil Tottman and illustrated by Tom Dryland, which is a diary-styled story following a small girl during a zombie apocalypse. Just when we thought every zombie apocalypse story had been done, this new perspective from a child changes everything and the fact that a new edition is released every day keeps the story going nicely. Immediately, we started discussing the idea of bringing Zombie Daily to print and they have thought about crowdfunding this via a site like Kickstarter which is fantastic news as it would look spectacular on good old fashioned paper.

Zombie Daily - Cutrist Comics

As well as Zombie Daily, they have created other series that are well worth a read, such as Book of Beasts where a new monster is introduced every Friday. Although a little unusual, the idea is interesting to say the least. Perhaps above all else, it shows a solid level of creativity and imagination by the creators. Tom Dryland, as the creator, has expressed his desire for the characters to be picked up by either a movie or larger comic company and said that this would be the ultimate goal. Of course, there is also a story intertwined as well as a new monster each week. Unfortunately, an experiment went wrong for a group of mad scientists and each new monster that steps into the world is documented in a bid to banish them.

Book of Beasts - Cutrist Comics

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to find comics that still offer excitement, creativity, and allow the imagination to flow. Luckily, Cutrist Comics has you covered and provide fantastic reads on a daily/weekly basis.

Site: http://www.cutristcomics.com/

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