Every Last One - the hunt for a supernatural serial killer, coming to Kickstarter this Spring

by Benjamin Williams
12th March, 2024
2 minutes

Gary Chudleigh has recently revealed his latest project, "Every Last One." This exclusive Kickstarter comic is expected to be another exciting addition to his portfolio of work, which includes critically acclaimed LEGO comics.

Every Last One advert

Every Last One, which will launch Tuesday, 2nd April, exclusively on Kickstarter, is a four-part mini-series about the hunt for a supernatural serial killer.

The series synopsis reads:

'People are being slain across the globe. People who share a dark secret.

Inspector Ronnie Lang is on the case when a victim is discovered in the west of Glasgow, Scotland. Ronnie's a street thug turned officer of the law. And way out of his depth.

Facing mounting pressure from judgemental colleagues, Ronnie finds a partner in Kay Anderson. She's a troubled young orphan with special abilities of her own. Kay can read people's minds and control their actions. But as aimless binge drinking pulls her down a bad path, it's clear the only actions she can't control are her own.

Ronnie, his mentor Deborah, and Kay set off on a dangerous journey to stop the killer before he slays every last one of his targets.'

Readers can preview the first six pages of the comic on the author's website.

Every Last One Page 1 snippet

"This is a dream project of mine. I love crime procedurals and supernatural horror and wanted to smash them together. It's a dark story with a rich cast and has trademark Scottish humour throughout. Think Stephen King meets Irvine Welsh.

I'm hoping the series can become Scotland's version of the 'X-Files', but that will only be possible with the support of backers. This is the chance to be right at the start of something special. I want people to look back in a few years and be proud they supported this project at its humble beginnings."

The Kickstarter campaign offers a range of rewards to suit different budgets, including digital and print copies, as well as a VIP tier that allows backers to get themselves drawn into the comic.

Every Last One Page 3 snippet

There's one reward that Chudleigh is particularly excited about. Chudleigh said, "We have a limited edition tier with a unique A5 sketch card drawn by the legendary Frank Quitely. I've been a fan of his for a long time, and it's an honour to have him involved in the campaign."

Every Last One is edited by Jack Lothian, drawn by Dani Coloma, lettered by Rob Jones, and designed by Kirsty Hunter, with Bu─čra Batuhan Berah on the cover art.

Every Last One Page 4 snippet

Chudleigh said, "I'm so grateful to have such a fantastic team of professionals on board. Working with them is a joy."

This announcement comes hot on the heels of Chudleigh's signing a partnership with the Crescent Literary agency for a middle-grade children's graphic novel.

Check out the Kickstarter here.

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