What Female Superheroes Should Appear In Films


With the arrival of the Wonder Woman film at the cinemas I've realised how few female superheroes there are on how many have been in films, there's only four that have had solo films as far as I know. So below are my picks for what female superheroes should be portrayed on the big screen

Black Cat- One of Spider-Man's main lovers but a strong character in her own right with moral ambiguity, odd powers (bad luck) and there’s already lots of cosplay costumes so the following is there. She could also tie the Spider-Man and Daredevil universes together.

She Hulk- My top pick for a solo super heroine film as the comics particularly by Dan Slott are extremely funny with She Hulk working as a lawyer on superhuman cases including a super villain suing Hercules for grievous body damage and Spider-Man suing J Jonah Jameson for slander. This film could be like Ant man with its comedy and She Hulk would tie in well with Avenger films.

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) - Another super heroine with unique powers this time venom blasts and pheromones that affect men's moods. Jessica Drew normally suffers from seeing herself as a second stringer and works as a private investigator so there's plenty of potential plots.

Squirrel Girl- Already a cult favourite and I’d love to see how Squirrel Girl beats A level villains like Thanos by herself on the big screen. Kids would love a Squirrel Girl film as it would be in the same vein as Guardians and appeal to comic fans with all the references to other heroes.

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