FLUX by Andy J. Clarke, Out Now

by Benjamin Williams
21st August, 2022
2 minutes

Andy J. Clarke's debut comic Flux is available now in a collected paperback edition.

FLUX is the debut comic from Andy J. Clarke. A character focussed tale of conspiracy and intrigue, taking influences from the 80s and 90s Sci-Fi.

Written and illustrated by Andy, this is a love letter to science fiction that he grew up on.

FLUX by Andy J. Clarke

About FLUX Volume 1

Set 500 years from now, when Earth is abandoned and no longer habitable, the truth of the planet's demise is a secret hidden for centuries. Humanity now lives in the Earth's orbit and has spread into the solar system.

Two people from different times find their lives thrust into chaos. One, taken and thrown into a world of violence, fighting for her very survival. The other, a prisoner of his own attempt to cheat death.

FLUX volume 1 collects issues #1 to #5 and is rated M/Mature.

It's on our review list, so we'll have that up sometime soon.

FLUX preview one

FLUX preview two

About Andy J Clarke

Andy J. Clarke is a writer and illustrator from Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Born in the Greater Manchester area in 1983, Andy was raised on a healthy diet of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Star Wars and Ralph Bakshi's animated Lord of the Rings being the early foundations of a growing passion. As a music lover, Andy pursued a career as a musician, playing in many bands for most of his adult life. He was the frontman of the heavy industrial metal band The Gifted before turning his creative efforts to art and writing.

Andy is an avid gamer, both video and table-top. A Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast and casually competitive player of Magic: The Gathering.

FLUX preview three

Where to Buy

Andy has his own store, where you can buy Flux as individual comics, or you can get the collected edition for £14.99. All can be signed as an added bonus.

If you'd like the Kindle version of FLUX then that's only £6.99. A great price considering you get over 170 pages of content. Although if you want our recommendation, then get the print version from Andy's store. Not only can you get it signed, which everyone loves, but all proceeds go to him.

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