Heritage Comics Presents... Star Love Stories Vol 1: Treacherous Hearts

by Benjamin Williams
1st March, 2023
1 minute

DC Thomson's Heritage Comics series so far has been rather Commando-only, but that's all about to change with their latest announcement - Star Love Stories. Debuting this week via Kindle and ComiXology is the latest Heritage special – Star Love Stories Volume 1: Treacherous Hearts brings heartbreak and romance to their ever-expanding collection.

From the 1960s until the 1990s, Star Love Stories entertained eager readers with book-length romantic dramas in comic strip form. Delving into these timeless tales — like revisiting long-lost love letters from the past — we bring you a classic STAR selection available digitally on Kindle and comiXology from Wednesday 1st March.

In this volume, intrigue, treachery, mystery, and cold-blooded revenge add a dash of spice to Star's usual blend of passion, heartbreak and romance...

Star Love Stories: Treacherous Hearts


Kelly Mason has big dreams of the big break that will take her to the top in the glamour game. But sometimes a dream come true can become a nightmare in the making!


Alison King had the cunning and determination to get ahead in modelling... whatever the cost! But maybe the cost of her success is a price too high to pay!


When Julie Denton met wealthy David Stockland, she couldn't have guessed that their whirlwind romance would quickly lead to the altar... and then to the graveside!


1815, Somerset... The beautiful Caroline Bennet has eyes only for Jarmyle Hall, her family home until it was lost to the man who shot her father dead in a duel.

Look out for new Commando Presents… and Heritage Comics digital releases in the coming months! 

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