Indie Spotlight: BIG F#@K OFF WORMS #1

Initially released via social media, and available as a free download (or you can buy a physical copy), Big F#@k Off Worms is a high energy, all action, fun sci-fi silliness by Matt Garvey. Packed full of outrageous concepts and explosive, high energy black and white artwork. There's also this fantastic cover!

BFOW cover


In 2018 thousands of worms were shot into space to a scientist aboard the international space station. They wanted to see how a worm's muscles would react in zero gravity with the hope it would aid them in the research to stop muscular dystrophy on astronauts.

However, after a freak radiation storm, the space station is destroyed and the debris along with the irradiated worms are sent hurtling back to earth. That was twelve years ago and now on Earth, we have… BIG F#@K OFF WORMS… and Petey is the only man who can stop them!

BFOW preview 1

Why you should read/buy

As you would expect with a title like BFOW, the comic doesn’t take itself too seriously. It's not just the worms that have changed, as other than Petey, every human has been muted into human/animal hybrids. All thanks to the radiation from the crashed space station. And look great.

  • The art style is incredible.
  • It delivers on that big f#@k off worm!
  • Mixes in some good humour to a story that warrants it. Petey firing at a worm, tiring himself out and then asking for a break because he misjudged how far away the worm was, makes two cracking pages.

About the Creative Team

Matt Garvey (@MattGarvey1981) is a comic writer with a good YouTube channel aimed at helping new comic creators learn the craft. With over 22 comics in his name, one of which won the best indie comic of 2018 by Pipedream Comics.

J Francis Totti (@thelifeoftotti) is a storyboard artist and designer from Liverpool. He's worked with Matt Garvey previously on Prey For Us. We're used to seeing some bright, bold colours with his art, like with the cover for BFOW, but his black and white art is just as good.

BFOW preview 2

Where to buy

You can get Big F#Ak Off Works for free digitally via Matt Garvey's website. However, we'd recommend that you get a physical copy to really enjoy this. And at just £3, it's good value!

So head over to garveycomics.com and check it out: https://garveycomics.com/collections/comics/products/big-f-k-off-worms-1-physical-copy 

More information

Twitter: Matt Garvey (@MattGarvey1981) / Twitter

YouTube: Matt Garvey - YouTube

Website: garveycomics.com

If you'd like to see your comic featured, please do get in touch with us either through our contact page or via Twitter DM. Like always, the only condition is that it's a UK published comic.

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