Indie Spotlight: Gateway City Vol 1

The first volume of Russell Mark Olson's Gateway City collects the opening four issues of the series which comes with a sci-fi edge that will tick a lot of boxes for sci-fi and classic noir fans.

Gateway City Vol 1


Set against the backdrop of Prohibition America, private investigator, "Lundy" Lundqvist, is on the trail of Johnny Russo, mob boss, rum runner, and cold-blooded killer. Whilst hunting for evidence connecting Russo to a double-homicide, Lundy witnesses rival gangs breaking bread to welcome foreign visitors into their patch. Although these new players have little interest in booze and rivalries, their motives are anything but friendly. More alien than an avocado at a lemonade stand, these shadowy intruders threaten to turn the Rome of the West into a circus...with Lundy taking centre stage.

A mash-up of noir and sci-fi, Gateway City is a tailspin adventure with cinematic nods to the '40s, '50s and '60s.

Gateway City came about from Olson's love of film noir, campy 50's and 60's sci-fi, Chester Gould's Dick Tracy, and the work of the EC bullpen.

Gateway City vol 1 preview 1

Why you should read/buy

Linking back to some classic noir films gives you almost a false sense of where the story is going. The world is slowly merging with an alien world which takes you in a completely different direction making it unlike any other comic I can remember reading.

Gateway City Vol 1 has a gritty feel with large set-pieces that are beautifully drawn. The art really is fantastic. And with Olson working on writing and drawing, this is a comic that is exactly how he envisioned it.

  • A bold decision to intertwine classic noir with sci-fi but it pays off!
  • A cast of colourful characters (literally and figuratively).
  • It's pulp adventure storytelling that takes you on one hell of a ride.
  • A wide range of aliens adds a lot of variety compared to the usual trope of just one species.

Gateway City vol 1 preview 2

About the Creative Team

Originally from Missouri, Russell Mark Olson is a Hampshire, UK-based comic book writer and artist who began publishing Gateway City in 2016.

He's also collaborated with a number of writers and publishers including Cult Empire, AccentUK and Mad Robot. And there's one of our favourite comics in recent years - SKRAWL: Comix Magazine #1 which we highly recommend looking into.

Where to buy

Gateway City is available to buy for £12 over at Olson's bigcartel store. For the quality of the comic, that's a good price! You can also purchase over at buysmallpress.com for £12 also.

And whilst you're here, check out the Russell Mark Olson Patreon page. From £1.50 a month, you can gain early access to the weekly webcomic version of Gateway City. For £4.50 a month you can have a 16-page newsprint edition of Gateway City containing 12 weeks' worth of strips plus additional content mailed to your door 4 times a year. You can also expect seasonal discounts and 1 annual print. And after 12 months of support, you'll receive the most recent trade edition of Gateway City for free! Up that to £10 a month and you also get two annual A5 commissions, 2 annual prints, and even better seasonal discounts.

More information

Twitter: Russell Mark Olson (@russell_m_olson) / Twitter

Website: Gateway City Trade Paperback Vol. 1 | Russell Mark Olson Comics (bigcartel.com)

If you'd like to see your comic featured, please do get in touch with us either through our contact page or via Twitter DM. Like always, the only condition is that it's a UK published comic.

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