Indie Spotlight: Glasscity Vol 1

Glasscity, buy David Cranna and Roman Gubskii, is one of those books that is quite simply a must-read. It's a dark take on a futuristic Glasgow inspired megacity. The first of three parts, with just the final issue left to go.

And there's a reason that its Glasscity and not Glass City. "The reason I spell it as one word is because I imagine a road sign saying Glasgow (actually it's Glaschu, which is the Gaelic spelling. The whole world is made up of original spelling to set it apart but to keep it relatable) which has been spray-painted over with 'scity' at the end. Glass is to represent the violence in the city, its an action, to glass someone."

Glasscity volume One


Follow Detective Gabriel as he mourns the disappearance of his baby girl 5 years ago.
Set in a bleak future in an alternative Scotland named Ur Alba our protagonist takes on a case that mirrors his own. As he and his partner Jacob investigate they delve deeper into an already dark city.

After dealing with happy go unlucky Akihito, and some exposition dealing with Gatti's five year anniversary of his daughter's kidnapping, the morning after the night before brings news of a new kidnapping of a girl of the same age, same hair colour and same eye colour as his own daughter. This drags Gattis and his partner Munro into a new investigation uncovering a larger conspiracy of a finely executed Detective story.

Glasscity preview one

Why you should read/buy

If the above doesn't make you want to read this, then let's break it down a bit more.

  • A good mix of sci-fi and staying fairly grounded. Nothing too out there.
  • The shift in art style from the opening pages to the rest of the book is incredible, showing a good range of talent.
  • Excellent use of facial expressions to really give the reader a feel of their emotions.
  • The monologue accompanying the story is superb and manages to work throughout without becoming cumbersome or leaning too heavily into the trope.
  • The comic "grabs you by the scruff of the neck with its soft play beginnings to gallows humour, pulling the rug from under you with a snapshot reveal" - Check out Joe's excellent review of Glasscity vol 1 for more.

About the Creative Team

Writer Dave Cranna is from Glasgow, so no surprise that Glasscity is based on Glasgow. Dave's influences include Garth Ennis and Frank Millar (which shouldn't surprise you if you've read Glasscity), whilst growing up reading Oor Wullie in the Sunder Post and the Beano, before reading 2000 AD and the big two. Writing has always been a passion though.

He has written a 5-page story for ComicScene Best of Indie Scottish Special that came out last year called The Faun, which is also available to read at the end of Glasscoity vol 2. He also has a 3 pager coming out for DUI 2 with the Awesome Comics Podcast with artist Simon Russell; a 4 paper coming out with artist Steven Ingram for the Brewgooders podcast anthology called HappyMeal where he's also a co-host; and another 4 pager for best of indie for ComicScene with artist Garesh called Hope which is coming out around November time.

Glasscity preview two

Roman Gubskii is a comic book artist who was born in Russia and now living in Costa Rica. After drawing comic books as a hobby for 10 years, Roman decided to follow his dream of working as a full-time comic book artist and other than Glasscity has worked on comics such as Crossbones and The Dusk County Chronicles. A real talent.

Where to buy

To get your copy head over to glasscitycomics.bigcartel.com. There, you can pick up both physical and digital copies. The digital copies are an absolute bargain at £5 for volumes one and two. You can't get better than that! Physically, it's £10 for the 76-page book.

While stocks last there's also the super limited issue 0 - the book is the 28 pages originally printed for this story which collectors will find particularly appealing.

More information

Twitter: Dave - glasscity.comics (@ComicsGlasscity) / Twitter

Website: Products | GlasscityComics (bigcartel.com)

If you'd like to see your comic featured, please do get in touch with us either through our contact page or via Twitter DM. Like always, the only condition is that it's a UK published comic.

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