Indie Spotlight: Sentinel #1

The first Sentinel comic by Alan Holloway and Ed Doyle is a special comic. It kicked off something different than the norm that made it special - an ongoing series of self-contained stories in digest-sized 64-page books.

Sentinel Comics issue one - Special Delivery


The first Sentinel comics featured Doyle Braddock, a space courier who has seen better days. He has a mysterious package to deliver to the Tsar of Rafica, but just as things seem to be going well they all start to go not so well. He gains a sidekick in RHLSTP after a hijacking gone wrong.

The dynamic between the two as the story progresses makes this a memorable story and it's little wonder that they made another appearance later on in the Sentinel series.

Sentinel Special Delivery preview

Why you should read/buy

a totally enjoyable romp for science fiction fans, produced by two creators who are having a great time working together

  • The back and forth between Baddock and RHLSTP is incredibly fun.
  • A lot of funny moments that feel natural to the story. Some jokes will make you groan but that's all part of the charm of this book.
  • There is enough action and even a twist in the tale to please any comic fan.
  • It's a fully contained story, so no need to read the rest - although we highly recommend you do because they're all great fun in their own ways!

Sentinel Special Delivery preview 2

About the Creative Team

For writer Alan Holloway, Sentinel was his first original work and with the 11th issue fully funded with plenty of time to spare on Kickstarter, he's clearly found a series that he enjoys writing. He's the lead writer on Sentinel as a whole, and over the past several years has contributed scripts for Zarjaz, Dogbreath, Sector 13 and Comicscene, as well as some Indie anthology projects.

Artist Ed Doyle is a native of Ireland and has been drawing indie comics for twenty years, and is not just good at drawing but also painting as Sentinel issue 5 shows. The creator of fantasy comics The Quest of Kazana (2003) and Crog (a prehistoric fantasy comic created and published by Ed in 2009), his accomplished list of work also includes publications like The 77 and FutureQuake.

You can check out our Q & A with Alan and Ed here: Q&A with Sentinel Comics

Where to buy

To purchase copies of Sentinel, send a DM via Facebook (@thesentinelcomic) or Twitter (@uk_comic), or one either Ed Doyle (@EDDREDD) or Alan Holloway (@Emceehamster), and they'll sort you out with payment being made by PayPal. And copies of Sentinel in the wild can be found at Imaginarium, 39 Meadow St, Weston Super Mare, BS23 1QH.

You can also buy this and the others in the series through GetMyComics.

Issue 11 - Dark Matter - is currently on Kickstarter, which we highly recommend you check out and back. There's no need to have read the previous issues, so starting at issue 11 is completely fine. Kickstarter link: SENTINEL COMIC ISSUE 11 "DARK MATTER" by alan holloway - Kickstarter

More information

Twitter: @uk_comic

Facebook: @thesentinelcomic

If you'd like to see your comic featured, please do get in touch with us either through our contact page or via Twitter DM. Like always, the only condition is that it's a UK published comic.

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