Indie Spotlight: The Pride Volume One: I Need a Hero

The Pride is a comic-book series, created by Joe Glass and Gavin Mitchell, and published by Queer Comix. Featuring an LGBTQ+ superhero team with some really deep and touching moments.

The Pride by Joe Glass


The Pride revolves around an LGBTQ+ superhero team consisting of FabMan, Angel, Bear, Frost, Muscle Mary, Twink, White Trash, Wolf and Cub.

Frustrated by a lack of representation in the superhero big leagues, FabMan decides to assemble his own team, made up exclusively of LGBTQ+ heroes, but in the process, draws the attention of the Reverend, a shadowy figure who sees them as an easy target for his sinister plans.

The Pride preview 1

Why you should read/buy

The Pride is a cheesy, funny comic that touches on a range of important social issues. But it's also a really good comic that has fun, friendship, romance and action. There's a load of artistic styles on offer and although that does break the flow a bit, it's nice to see the different takes on characters with the artist's own styles.

  • Characters are given time to develop. You get to know them before they're thrown into a big superhero team-up.
  • Contains a HIV positive character that is handled in a brilliant and informative way.
  • Short stories after each issue flesh out the characters a bit more.
  • Covers a range of topics that are still really relevant today.
  • It's a lof of fun!

The Pride preview 2

About the Creative Team

Joe Glass is a comic writer from South Wales. He has worked in the past as a comics news reporter and critic and he remains a staunch advocate of LGBTQ+ representation in media.

Artists that worked on The Pride are Gavin Mitchell, Marc Ellerby, Cory Smith, Joshua Faith, Dan Harris, Jack Lawrence, Hector Barros, Jacopo Camagni, Kendall Goode, Maxime Garbarini, Joe Glass, Jack Davies, Chris Wildgoose (Art) Mike Stock (Letters) Kris Carter, Kirsty Swan (Colors).

Queer Comix includes many of the independent comics by Joe Glass and his amazing collaborators. They feature comics that are not afraid to include everyone and defy expectations. 

Where to buy

You can buy The Pride as The Pride Omnibus edition at all good comic shops and bookstores. As it's been picked up by Dark Horse Comics, you should be able to order it via your local comic shop, which adds the benefit of also supporting a comic store.

And you can also check out the other comics over at Queer Comix Store — Queer Comix (joeglasscomics.co.uk) where you can grab the recently released The Miracles.

More information

Twitter: Joe Glass (@JosephGlass) / Twitter

Website: Joe Glass - Queer Comix (joeglasscomics.co.uk)

If you'd like to see your comic featured, please do get in touch with us either through our contact page or via Twitter DM. Like always, the only condition is that it's a UK published comic.

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