Indie Spotlight: Wolvendaughter

Wolvendaughter is one of our favourite comics to come out of Scottish based Quindrie Press, with creator Ver delivering a special experience with their art. Conservatively used dialogue is delicately measured to provide impossible to ignore emotional emphasis in all the right places, making this an absolute delight to read.

Wolvendaughter cover


Bent on destruction, the Beast cuts a terrible swathe through towns and countryside, accompanied by its lone herald, the Daughter. A fable about the cycle of ruin and rebirth, perseverance, duty, and a grim hope.

A tribe seem to be agents of the circulative nature of all things, the existence parameters, life death and rebirth. They are the keepers of a beast, an agent of this existence, to which the tribe assign a daughter as a herald. The story follows this pair as they follow a predestined path. The daughter will have to bear witness to the beast's nature, but will it be something she can accept? What is the nature of the beast, its origins and its purpose? What cost will this journey have on this pair and the world they inhabit?

Why you should read/buy

Ver presents a really entertaining plot centred around a mysterious coven. It's a beautiful presentation of a story of destruction and rebirth, with an emphasis on the importance of adversity that is really special and expertly delivered.

Wolvendaughter preview

Check out our 5-star review of Wolvendaughter.

  • The cover alone is stunning.
  • Inside that stunning cover is jaw-dropping art to match.
  • There's so much vibrancy in the darkness of the colour palette, which is super impressive.
  • Musings on life, death and rebirth.

About the Creative Team

Ver is a writer and illustrator from Eastern Europe residing in Scotland. They spend most of their time writing and drawing stories about strange people and distant worlds. An extremely talented artist and if Wolvendaughter is anything to go by, they are just as good at writing.

Quindrie Press is an independent comics publisher based in Edinburgh, Scotland, founded by Eve Greenwood in 2020. Their focus is to provide creators with the opportunity to publish passion project comics that haven’t found their home anywhere else. In particular, they want to help marginalised and upcoming creators to publish their work. And in a move we love, they donate a portion of their PDF sales to a different charity or organisation dedicated to supporting marginalised communities in Scotland.

Wolvendaughter preview 2

Where to buy

Wolvendaughter is available to buy via the Quindrie Press website. Sure, you can buy it elsewhere, but why would you want to buy it through Amazon when you can get it direct from the publisher?

Buy in physical form: Wolvendaughter — Quindrie Press

Buy in PDF form: Wolvendaughter [PDF] — Quindrie Press

More information

Twitter: You can follow Ver over at @verface. And you definitely want to follow Quindrie Press at @QuindriePress.

Website: Quindrie Press

If you'd like to see your comic featured, please do get in touch with us either through our contact page or via Twitter DM. Like always, the only condition is that it's a UK published comic.

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