Kickstarter Highlight: Bold Universe Collection by BHP

by Benjamin Williams
29th March, 2022
3 minutes

BHP has a new Kickstarter released yesterday where diverse creators breathe new life into superhero comics. The Kickstarter is for four comics, which you can get individually or all four.

The Bold Universe Collection is backed by Creative Scotland. As such, BHP hired emerging talent underrepresented in comics to fulfil the works.

About Bold Universe Collection

Each comic is a unique one-shot, telling a jam-packed self-contained story in 20 pages.

But when combined, the comics tell a bigger story within a shared universe that explores the dynamics and consequences of power.

Storm Hunter

STORM HUNTER, written by Gary Chudleigh with Lorna King, art by Kat Hall and letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.

Storm Hunters protect their mythical Scottish realm, Scotia, using the power of ancient creatures to fight the Dochrach - evil beasts that reach the size of mountains. But Storm Hunters fight no more. Centuries have passed with no incident. The Dochrach are thought long dead. But in their place, a threat closer to home has emerged.

Trainee Storm Hunter Isla Barran’s sister Hilda goes missing. And the violent rulers of Scotia's kingdom, who hate Isla’s kind, are suspect number one. Isla foregoes her sacred duty in order to save Hilda. But she finds herself entangled in an active rebellion at Scotia’s kingdom. And to make matters worse, dark magics are in play and the Dochrach may return once more…


PRINCIPLE, written by Umar Ditta, art by Robin Richardson and letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.

Principle – an immigrant who became the UK government's top superhero – lives a comfortable life. After fleeing his country devastated by superpowered wars decades ago, he and his family have swapped terror for safety.

But more people are mysteriously becoming powered. And a small number of them are becoming villains and heroes, sparking more oversea wars and more refugee crises, which the UK Government is ignoring. Principle now finds himself torn between overseas injustice and domestic threats, and his comfortable life is heading for disaster.

The Losers Club

THE LOSERS' CLUB, written by Tara Mallen, art by Chris Stefanova and letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.

Jamie’s the new kid in school. They’ve come to Hope Hill – a small Scottish town with a big secret – in search of answers.

Here they meet the Losers’ Club - superhero sidekicks in hiding. Ever since powered people were declared illegal, superheroes, supervillains and people with powers just trying to live normal lives, have been captured or are on the run.

Jamie's arrival brings friendship and revelations that will put them all in danger. Buckle up, kids. Things are going to get bumpy.

Agents of MI7

AGENTS OF MI7, written by Kumail Rizvi, art by Daniel Coloma and letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.

All superheroes are locked up. And a god-like supervillain, Magna Malus, is free to operate unopposed. With intel that he was amassing power to overthrow the UK government, Government ministers resurrected MI7 to investigate the threat.

But time is running out. Malus has launched his attack and there's only hours before the UK is under his rule. An MI7 special-ops squad now must go on an urgent mission to rescue the only superhero who could stop him before it's too late.


Storm Hunter preview
Storm Hunter Preview
Principle preview
Principle Preview
The Losers Club preview
The Loser's Club Preview
Agents of MI7 preview
Agents of MI7 Preview


As mentioned at the beginning, you can back the individual comics. For an individual comic, £6 gets you a physical and a digital copy of the comic of your choice. If you fancy all four, you can back digital-only for £9 which is a cracking deal for all four comics. For all four physically is £20 which also gives you all four digitally.

Basically, you're better off ordering all four in either physical or digital. And since they're all part of one universe, it's a good option.

£30 gives you the above and two A4 prints. And if you go a bit more at £50 you get all four comics digitally and physically, four A4 prints, six Digital BHP books and one surprise physical book.

And finally, if you want to go all out, £100 gets you the full collection of comics in physical and digital, four A4 prints, ten digital BHP comics, three surprise BHP comics and your name and thanks on the credits page of each comic title.

Kickstarter Link: Bold Universe Collection by BHP Comics — Kickstarter

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