Kickstarter Highlight: Gone 1-4 by Blue Fox Comics

Gone is Blue Fox Comics popular sci-fi mystery series that follows the AssistA robot. The Kickstarter went live yesterday for a surprisingly short 9-day campaign. Although that doesn't appear to be to Blue Fox Comics detriment as they've completely smashed their £500 target in 24 hours by just over three times the amount! Impressive.

Gone Volume One collects the first 3 issues and is a self-contained story. The first arc was drawn and coloured by Juan Fleites. Gone 4 is the start of the next arc, in a new location, and with a new mystery to solve - along with a new artist! It is drawn by Sebastian Chow and coloured by Darja Rattik. Simon Birks continues to write.

About GONE #1-4

Gone is about an AssistA robot, who wakes on board a vessel that should be home to thousands of crew but is, in fact, desolate. Confused and alone, the AssistA sets off to find out where everyone has gone to. Along the way, he starts receiving interference in the form of memories from one of the crew members, from before everyone disappeared.

But can AssistA trust these memories, and is it, in fact, as alone as it thinks it is?


Rewards for Gone #4 start from just £2 for a digital copy. If you fancy a bit extra though, £4 gives you the deluxe digital copy of Gone #4 which includes the original script by the Simon Birks. There's is an early bird offer on that though where for the first 48 hours of the campaign it only costs £3.

If you want a physical issue, you're looking at £7 which also gives you the deluxe digital version as well. And there's also an early bird special for this where it's £6 for the first 48 hours of the campaign.

If you've never read Gone before then you absolutely need to pledge for one of the catch-up tiers. These range from £7 for the bare-bones PDFs to £12 for the deluxe edition PDFs, and £16 for the physical catch-up.

Further includes signed editions, but with the max pledge at £21, there's nothing over-priced.

Kickstarter Link: Gone 1-4 - our sci-fi mystery continues by Simon Birks — Kickstarter

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