Kickstarter Highlight: Moth Hill #1

AfterLight Comics latest Kickstarter went live today - Moth Hill #1. A four-issue that explores the infamous legend of The Mothman.

The story follows a pair of detectives who are investigating a string of mysterious & unexplained deaths that lead them to Moth Hill.

After witnessing a sequence of events that takes place on a city bridge, a seasoned detective by the name of Jane Seymour is faced with a case for the first time in her career that even she cannot begin to explain.

Kickstarter link: Moth Hill #1 - A Mothman Horror Comic Series - Make 100 by Joseph Oliveira — Kickstarter

About AfterLight Comics

AfterLight Comics are an Independent British Comics Publisher based in Wales, U.K. Established by Writer/Founder Joseph Oliveira in 2018 they have published consistently great comics with a focus on horror.

If you've not read any previously then we've done a few reviews that highlight just how good they are.

Ghost Island was superb. "For lovers of the darker sides of comics and horror fanatics I highly recommend you try it out".

There's also Stay Awake, which was a personal favourite and we still need to review issue 4 (we'll get that sorted this year!). "This story is so captivating it will drag you through it leaving you desperate for reconciliation, if only to let you be able to sleep more comfortably after letting this series into your life."


For as little as £3 you can back this project and get the digital copy of Moth Hill #1. 

£6 for a physical copy as well as a digital copy. £8 for a signed physical copy.

The Ultimate Digital Horror Collection for £60 consists of 13 Horror Comic issues & 3 Trade paperbacks! Ranging from Folklore, Psychological and Supernatural Horror. Over 1000+ pages of Horror Content.

Pledging £90 means you collect every Cryptid Horror Comic that AfterLight Comics have published from the WENDIGO to THE GOATMAN, CHUPACABRA & MORE!

For a whopping £200 there's also The Ultimate Horror Box which consists of 13 Horror Comic issues & 3 Trade paperbacks! Plus everything in the previous Tiers and all the comics are signed!


If for some strange reason you're not completely sold on this new series already, check out the following previews. Then head over to the Kickstarter page and make your pledge!

Moth Hill issue one preview one

Moth Hill issue one preview two

Moth Hill issue one preview three

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